Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And It's Only Tuesday

Monday: We called the Neurologist because Olivia was having seizures again. They upped her dosage to double what we started at last August. We are also having to do a 2 hour EEG at Vanderbilt on July 16. That was enough for the week along with work problems. I had no idea what was in store for Tuesday.

Tuesday: (7:00am) Liv was having a great morning we got to our sitter's and Olivia was thrilled as normal she ran up to Brooke and loved on her and found a kazoo like bubble blower - Brooke and Olivia ran off to the Kitchen while Melinda and I talked in the living room. Then before we knew it they were running behind us playing chase like normal and Liv tripped like normal but this time she had stuck the bubble blower in her mouth. Melinda and I had originally thought she had gagged herself but as she turned around we saw the blood coming from her mouth. As mothers we both FREAKED. I sat on the couch and calmed her down as Melinda got her a wet rag we got the bleeding to stop and he calmed down after 5-10 minutes we couldn't see where the blood was coming from but assumed that she had busted her gums or something so we gave her some Tylenol shortly after Liv said "Mommy Mouth" and opened her mouth to show me where the blood was really coming from at which I showed Melinda immediately and decided it was best to take her to the ER at Hendersonville Medical. 


(8:00am) Todd met us at Hendersonville Medical. They got us right back where 2 doctors looked at her mouth and decided surgery needed to be done by a plastic surgeon. Liv did so good showing anyone who asked to see her mouth, I was so proud and she never cried after the initial accident. They then consulted the on call plastic surgeon who said she needed to be at Vanderbilt Children because he did not have the right tools for her size mouth and they had no pediatric recovery room. They also thought it was best to go by ambulance. It took 1.5 hours to get the ambulance there. So Liv got bored and played with anything she could find.  

(11:00am) About 5 minutes before the ambulance got there Todd got frustrated and went to the office and told me to call him when the ambulance got there and he would meet us at the hospital. Once the ambulance came I had to go get the car seat from my car to strap in the gurney for the ambulance ride. I am going to be honest I was pretty excited about my first ambulance ride but Liv definitely wasn't. The EMTs were amazing though and they even had a brand new baby doll for her that she LOVED. Once she got used to it she loved looking at the cars from the back of the Ambulance.

(11:30am) Once we arrived at Vandy Todd's Mom was there waiting for us at the ambulance drop off they rushed us back to a room with 4 doctors it was like a scene from Greys Anatomy. The my mom and Todd came to meet us at the hospital. The resident said we would need surgery, the attending said we wouldn't but was going to call the on-call faces doctor (ent, oral, plastics) to get the final say so. We were then told it would be an hour before the on-call ENT doctor could see her. During that time they brought a nursing student in to see her mouth since its not common and practice vitals and such. And once again Olivia did amazing. She never cried, asked for food or drink (she had nothing after 7am), and always let the doctors check her. The ENT doctor came down and said probably no surgery but wanted to check with the doctors that do cleft palettes since it was her soft palette. The doctor came down and said they could leave it or re-intact it so I asked about removing the hanging tissue and he said that was also an option but wanted to check with his boss (got to love teaching hospitals). So Liv played hide and seek with me and my mom.

(2:00pm) Then the doctor returned to us saying his boss thought the best solution was to re-intact the tissue. So we let Liv play a little longer. Then they had to do the IV she was once again amazing letting the nurse show the student nurse all the different places she could do an IV. The entire time we were at the hospital Olivia never really cried would just point to and say "mouth" to let us know something was wrong. While Liv was getting her IV she got a special delivery from the gift shop with a pretty balloon and stuffed dog from her Aunt Megan, Uncle Dan, Daniel and Mason. She was so excited to play with them.

(3:00pm) Once they got the IV we took her upstairs and got her prepped for surgery met with the doctor and anesthesiologist and off she went. The surgery was only 30 minutes and the before and after pics the doc showed us on her phone (got to love technology) were amazing! We then waited another 20 minutes before we got to see her as she wok up from the surgery. She was so sweet and never even coughed unlike when she had the anesthesia at her last MRI. We were discharged an hour later with prescriptions in hand. She slept the whole way home and came in and played and ate and drank some took all 4 medications perfectly and is now snuggled up asleep next to me in bed. She did so wonderfully today and I am so unbelievably proud of how brave and well behaved she was. And I am truly hoping for the most boring rest of the week for my sanity. Thanks for all the love and well wishes!!

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